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Coming Back to Life

I belong to a middle class family. My father was a drug addict and I saw his suffering phase and the problems and situations he faced to come out of it but, I never believed that these things can happen to me.

When I was in class IV, my mom left us and my father was busy with his recovering life-style. So I was sent to a hostel. There I was growing up and a curiosity about drugs was growing within me, that how does the drugs taste? Since my childhood I used to attain several anti-drug awareness programs with my father who always used to say that all these drugs harm us, but I couldn't believe that. One day I used chemical with the motive to taste it only, not to get hooked to it. The thing gave me a nice pleasure and to get that pleasure I started using it quite often. Slowly everything was increasing, the consumption, intensity and the crisis. Due to this addiction many problems were also arising in me, like stealing things or money as I was not given sufficient money from my family. I started telling lies for each and everything and started doing dishonesty with everyone and in every areas of life. I was never close to my classmates as I didn't like to mix with them.

I started manipulating myself, thinking that I will stop when I feel like, but the strange thing was after so many defeats and unmanageability I was not ready to admit my helplessness and powerlessness. Then I entered the world of crisis due to this addiction. I was very good in studies but due to this addiction I had to stop my studies, I was very good in sports and other co-curricular activities, but all these things went away from my life. I have represented my school in different sports. At intoxicated state, I had a bike accident and the ligament of my right shoulder got damaged. I was asked to do the operation, but I didn�t agree thinking that I would have to stay in hospital and there I won�t get those substances, thus my shoulder got permanently damaged. I was always in a fantasy world. At last the situation came when I ran away from my home. All my relationships were lost, I was all alone at that time. There was no one with me, with whom I can even talk to. My father was running after me. After 15 days I was caught by the police, my father then sent me to rehab. After a couple of months my father brought me to Bhalo Basha. It is the place I used to spend since my childhood, but this time I got treated as an inmate. I always had to obey the same rules and system.

My father never gave me any advantage. He started treating me as other addicts taking treatment here. He seemed to be a new person for me. Now I started thinking in a different way. At first I used to think that this is not a problem but some days I realized that what were the things that happened due to this addiction? I realized that I lost everything due to this addiction, I never gained anything from this rather losing everything due to this. Now I just love myself the most and trying hard to fight against my ill habits, attitudes, thinking patterns and don�t bother to mix with my old pals. I came to know and easily can admit my defects and disease and also what to do with them and how to live a healthy life. I don�t use my own brain, as it�s the biggest bad company for me. I am grateful to this centre and my father for showing me the right path.

A Way to Rehab

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