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Bhalo Basha

"Bhalo Basha" is a deaddiction center in Kolkata, dream of the Founder Director, Mr. Subhasis Nath. Being in recovery from active addiction of 18 years.He with his wife, Psychologist Smt. Sangita Kundu established this center in the year 2002 with a perspective of helping suffering addicts to get freedom from the grasp of addiction through his hopes, strengths & experiences. It provides not only Drug and Alcohol deaddiction for addicts but also changes in their mentality, behavioural patterns & lifestyles.


The inmates are firstly detoxified by psychiatrist Dr. Satyabrata Kar to make them physically fit, thereafter, given medical assistance and mental support to lead them to the Rehabilitation Program.


The therapy of BHALO BASHA starts & ends with love. The authority believes in the word BHALO BASHA (LOVE) and the other meaning of Bhalo Basha is good shelter. The process is to need the change the mentality, attitude, lifestyle, shortcomings, wrong doings which are very essential to give up old habits of drugs and to be acceptable, responsible and productive member of the society.


Subhasis Nath being a recovering addict becomes the role model of the addicts and it becomes easy for him to understand and help addicts. He always try to show how fatal the drugs are & how to live & enjoy without the use of drugs.Counseling is provided by Subhasis Nath, Sangita Kundu & other counselors.


Training is provided to the students of nursing from various Government & Private Colleges, and also educating in different areas regarding drugs, addiction and lifestyle.We organize blood donation, health check-up camps, eye testing and posthumous eye & body donation camps where inmates, discharged patients and their families participate

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Bhalo Basha is a home away from home, a drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centre for drug addicts and alcoholics, situated just away from the madding crowded rush of the city.

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Overcoming the hands of addiction is not an easy job. In fact, it is probably one of the most difficult things for any human being to do. But Bhalobasha rehab has a holistic program addressing all affected areas - physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.

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We are all concerned about substance abuse issues facing our youth. Learn how to help someone struggling with drug abuse. Before you talk to your loved one about treatment options, you need to approach him or her about the drug problem. It's common for those abusing drugs to get angry easily, so you need to approach the situation with care.

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