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Way to Rehab

I belong to a very conservative family. There were many boundaries to do anything but from my childhood, I used to break all the rules and regulations. Whatever they used to say, I used to avoid them with don't care attitude. I used to think that I was good in studies, so i can do anything I like. I began to bunk school and wanted to be in highlight in the crowd. Many times I used to stay out of the house by telling different kind of lies and this habit brought me to the path of taking alcohol and cannabis. Slowly and gradually as I grew older my bad habits started increasing day by day. I had involved myself in girls and parties. One day a late night party turned my life, as I found my choice of substance, that is Brown Sugar, entered my life.

It came like a hurricane and destroyed everything, my studies, my family's trust on me, my love and my life. As I started taking brown sugar regularly the quantity was also increasing in the same manner. But on the other hand I was getting the crisis of money and for this I begun to steal money from my father's pocket, sold out all my household products including my most lovable guitar and more. I have made another person an addict from whom I used to take money for my substance. In this way my days were passing. There were only me and my substance in a single room. When I saw I couldn't money for it then I decided to leave as it became a pain for me rather than gratification. I couldn't think about anything other than my substance, so I went away from the city. I consulted many a doctors and took medicines. Sometimes I used to pray to God and ask him to do some miracle or pick me up. I used to cry a lot but nothing was there that could help me.

The situation was getting worse. I couldn't bear that pain anymore. I began to steal things from shops. I began to hurt my family and friends both physically and mentally. There were no relatives left that could give me money for drugs. One day I took the ATM card of my father and took out the necessary amount I wanted. All the money was going to finish and then I told my parents for a treatment. They helped me a lot and consulted a doctor. He gave the address of Bhalo Basha Rehabilitation Centre. I got admitted here with great hope of getting cured as it was my first treatment. At first it was very difficult to stay here because I couldn't accept the environment but, as the days passed my brain became clear. I began to listen whatever my counsellor said and began to work and enjoy my days like a day that I had never dreamt of. Now I am clean and want to stay clean for my upcoming life. All credit goes to my family and my counsellor Mr. Subhasis Nath and last not the least to God.

A Way to Rehab

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