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Bhalo Basha works for rehabilitating the addicts in the mainstream of the society to make one an active, responsible and productive member initially of one�s own family and then to society at large. Bhalo Basha is not only a treatment centre for drug addicts & alcoholics. We provide utmost love and care and try to instil a fresh breath of healthy life-style. Placement and employment opportunities are also searched for in order to rehabilitate the recovering addicts both socially and financially. We reach out not only to the addicts, but to the society as a whole. We believe that Life is the most precious gift and worth living it joyously. We vow to stand firmly by our lofty goals. For us, sky is the limit. We know how to overcome adversities and break new frontiers.

This centre gives topmost emphasis not only on cessation of drug consumption, but also on rectification of behavioural abnormality, THINKINKING PATTERN, of an addict, Initially through forced abstinence, then inspiring the development of an honest desire to give up using and to remain clean on the basis of one day at a time, Just for Today basis. The treatment is based on therapy, to develop awareness against drug abuse through constant counselling, input sessions, group discussions and interactive sessions, special emphasis is given on the practise of spiritual principles of twelve step program of Narcotics Anonymous and through NA meetings. At Bhalo Basha through group therapy an addict is exposed to the idea that one is not responsible for what he has done in his past because of his addiction, but he needs to take responsibility of what he should do afterwards, if he wants to make his life better, purposeful and want to live like a normal human being. Through constant practise, principles of sobriety are made to be ingrained in one which blossoms in serenity. Follow up counselling and class facilities are also made available free of cost to those who are discharged from the centre according to his needs.

The programs for treatment taken by Bhalo basha are as follows :

1. Detoxification : The inmates are firstly detoxified to make them physically fit. Medical and mental supports are given to lead them to rehabilitation program.

2. Rehabilitation : The panel of therapists here are Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Counsellors, RMO and nurse Nurse based on Psychometric assessment and constant counselling to change their thinking pattern and behaviour. There are several classes like

(i) Prayer and Meditation

(ii) Reading and explaining literature

(iii) Progressive Muscular Relaxation Therapy(PMRT)

(iv) Yoga & Physical Training

(v) Morning Orientation

(vi) Inventory Writing & Post Mortem

(vii) Input session

(viii) Group Counselling Session

(ix) Group Dynamics

(x) Group Discussion

(xi) Sharing

(xii) Interactive Session

(xiii) Fun Time

(xiv) Psycho Drama

(xv) Work Paper Writing.

Therapeutic Duty Allotment(TDA) is allotted to the inmates. It is also a half-way home from where the inmates can start to continue their incomplete studies and also can join their jobs.

3.Day Care : After getting discharged from this rehabilitation centre recovering addicts are allowed to attain day care from 10am to 9pm when they get support from counsellors, do work for society, learn to handle money and share their hopes, strengths and experiences within the group.

4. Counselling : Free counselling are provided to (i) inmates (ii) Family members of Inmates (iii) Suffering Addicts (iv) Discharged Patients (vi) Family Members f Discharged Patients (vii) Anyone asking for any problems.

5. 24-Hours Helpline : Telephone counselling are provided to drug-addicts and their families. The helpline number is well-published through (i) Banners displayed in several awareness program (ii) Local Cable Channels (iii) Literature distributed in different areas.

6. Coaching Facilities : The centre offers coaching facilities free of cost to those inmates who were compelled to discontinue studies because of addiction. They are taught by qualified inmates, possessing necessary educational qualifications. This ensures continuation of their studies after being released from this centre. Text books and other required materials are supplied as per their requirement. Also the BAHOKS get involved in this coachin facility. This is a both way treatment for the students and the teachers as all of them are fellowships. Getting back in the positive involvements is a key to come out of addiction.

7. Positive Involvements : Along with the REVOLUTION AGAINST DRUGS, Inmates of the centre, having inclination for dance, music and fine arts are encouraged to prosecute these art forms and encouraged to participate in cultural programmes generally organised by clubs and others. During Durga Puja songs composed by our respected founder, dances choreographed by experienced inmates are performed by the inmates in such functions with help and guidance of the centre. Such programmes help nurturing finer instincts among the inmates and help them t g back to the main stream f society.

8. Living & enjoying life : The centre has such indoor facilities like ludo , carom , table tennis , well stopped music cds film viewing opportunities and regular singing and dancing programs including discos arranged and performed regularly by the inmates. The centre also boasts of gym facilities and each day P.T classes ahead.

9. Back to the main stream : Some of our discharged inmates, recovering addicts are also provided with such employment and jobs which are needed for the sustenance of their families who prove their trust and faith to the employer.

Activities :

1. Blood donation camps & eye testing camps : Blood donation camps are held trice every year with the help of the govt. Blood bank. Generally all the inmates of the centre donate blood. This ensures infusion of the spirit of social service in the inmates. Also discharged inmates turn up in large numbers. Anybody of the society who urgently needs blood ,are accommodated by the centre by offering them free blood collection coupons. Eye testing camps are held once a year, power fixation is done free of cost.

2. Bhalo Basha also never hesitates to join hands with any social welfare group and to participate in social and educational activism programme like creation of a text book library for needy students and for providing drinking water facilities to schools in the interior villages.

3. Sit and draw and other competitions for children- Tiffin , chocolates and literature are distributed to such camps where children are made aware against drug abuse.

4. Awareness programs for students- Are made in different schools and colleges to make the students aware against drug abuse and alcoholism and their responsibilities to serve the society. Programs are made in the form of (1) Seminars , (2) Interactive sessions , (3) Power point presentations , (4) Literature distributions , (5) Posters and models display , (6) Questionnaire survey (7) Counsellings.

5. Support for prisoners- when the addicts suffer from withdrawal in the lock up of police stations and need help, free medication and counselling are provided regularly.

6. Rallies , street corners , mobile van awareness program, kiosk- People are made to be aware of the evil effects of drugs and spot counselling are also provided.

7. Celebration of world anti drug day- 26th June is a anti drug day , activities are organised in the form of free detoxification camps for the needy and poor addicts, for a fort night before the date and free counselling are provided to them and their family members which are jointly organised with Kolkata police. Kiosks also set up, awareness programs are conducted through posters and models display ,rallies ,mobile vans, microphone announcements ,literature and pamphlets, street corners, street dramas and songs in which recovering addicts willingly participate. The publicity materials dramas and songs are conceptualised and songs and dramas are composed by our founder. These kiosks are usually organise 3 days prior to the international day at prominent places to spread mass awareness against drugs where from messages are carried and literatures are distributed.

8. Awareness against sound crackers- Rallies are organised which include people from every areas of society including recovering addicts and their family members to spread consciousness about sound pollution among masses.

9. Spectacles collection- Spectacles that are not needed any more are collected and distributed among poor people at free of cost.

10. Cloth collection- old cloths are collected and stored to distribute among people suffering from natural disaster.

11. Meetings with guardians-every Saturday (5.00pm-8.00), a class is held for the family members of drug addicts and alcoholics where suggestions, counselling consultancy are provided by counsellor and psychologist. They also share their hopes , strength and experience with themselves.

12. Parties- Various parties are held for drug addicts and alcoholics and their family members to get the taste of new life and to enjoy it without the use of drugs. The parties are of three types, (i) Disco Dinner (ii) Tea Parties (iii) Celebration Parties. Clean dates are celebrated by the addicts with cakes and snacks. They share their crisis, hopes, strengths, experiences and gratitude.

Many owe their new life t Bhalo Basha. We can only hope that if you are suffering as many addicts suffered once before treatment at Bhalo Basha, Bhalo Basha is the place for you t purify yourself and find freedom for pain and a meaningful life.

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